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Sark 12-05-19 Ropes off 12:30.

Sark 12-05-19 Ropes off 12:30.


Two dives in Sark waters, Dive1 Pavlaison followed by a SI, Dive 2 Mike’s Gully. I did these dives some years ago and they are spectacular Pavlaison is a big reef of boulders and streaming with life and Mike’s Gully starts shallow then as you head south through the gully it gets deeper up to 40m + this means it is ideal for all certs as you can turn around and come back at your desired depth although min cert for this trip is AOW, It’s walls are covered in sea urchin of pinks and blues. PICK UP Fisherman’s slip ROPES OFF 12:30 SHARP. Return 17:30-18:00   Click here for kit hire.

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