Scapa Flow trip 2020 ( Update 1 )

Hi Everyone,

We estimate the cost of this fabulous trip to be no more than £2,000 pp we have to get in a lot of prices in yet but based on our trip this year 2,000 should cover.

IMPORTANT I need 12 conformations and part 1 of the  deposit of  £150 pp by December 15th so if you are defiantly interested please send your conformation via email to When I get this I will arrange payment details , If we do not get the interest then sadly we will have to cancel the charter. So that important date is 15/12/18



Steve and Marc dive with Sue Daly

Great day out , We popped over to Sark to pick up Sue and her partner Andy (Andy  looked after Zulu while we were under ) Andy and Sue showed us lots of dive sites around Sark and we cannot wait to share them with you guys. We are really looking forward to catching up with Sue […]