Out of Action till March!!

Hi all, I will be out of action for a while after having an operation on my hand something called

(Dupuytren’s contracture)

Nothing serious but a little dibilitating. Meanwhile I will be making good use of time out of the water to put together course schedules we are also going to concentrate on staycation this summer (dive holiday at home) we are very excited about this as we hope to offer you some great deals and places to dive both in Guernsey and the beautiful island of Sark. So please watch this space all schedules will be posted on our calendar on our website  https://www.donkey-divers.com/calendar/Guernsey Staycation /Local Diving.

See you soon for a fab 2021 season


Steve Bougourd Padi MI / EFRIT # 647074 MD Donkey Divers Ltd.