Donkey Divers Club Dive ( Scalloping )

Scallop dive 08-09-14 Longue Pierre WP_20140908_002 WP_20140908_003 WP_20140908_004 WP_20140908_006 WP_20140908_007 WP_20140908_008 WP_20140908_009 WP_20140908_012 WP_20140908_014 WP_20140908_015 WP_20140908_016 WP_20140908_017 WP_20140908_019 WP_20140908_020 WP_20140908_022 WP_20140908_024 WP_20140908_026Great club dive yesterday evening, great company on board Great White, a wonderful full moon and scallops. What more could l you ask for. All divers dived well but have to say well done to Andy Marquis, you are really getting the hang of it now buddy.

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