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Donkey Divers is very pleased to announce they are teaming up with Jersey based  freediving instructor  Matt Le Clercq for the following courses. Anyone interested please get in touch with us at Donkey Divers  steve@donkey-divers.com   or the website contact forms, pop into the shop or give us a call Mob 07781409060 Shop 01481245038 the courses will be run @ Donkey Divers. Matt can be available 24th-29th July. We could have other dates as well depending on the interest. I think this is a great opportunity guys so let me know if you are interested then we can take it from there ok.


8 March 16:12

Courses Level 1 (14 metres) this is a 2-day foundation course that covers the basics of freediving. It includes: breathing, relaxation, physiology, equipment, equalization, freediving technique and safety. To complete this course, students will need to fulfill  these core requirements: – Freedive  to 14m (max 20m) – Perform a rescue from 8m – Complete a 2 minute static breath hold – Achieve a 70% minimum pass rate for the theory exam Prerequisites: +18 years of age, comfortable swimming and snorkelling, signed medical statement and liability release form £250 (includes certification)

Level 2 (26 metres) this is 4-day core freediving course designed to equip freedivers with the knowledge and skills to become proficient advanced freedivers. Students will learn to become energy efficient; to prepare their bodies for pressure; to train on land and in the water; to perform advanced equalization techniques; to organize and run training session; and to do it all safely! To complete this course, students will need to fulfill these core requirements: – Freedive to 26m (max 30m) – Perform a rescue from 15m – Perform a 30m rope rescue – Complete a 3 minute static breath hold – Achieve a 70% minimum pass rate for the theory exam Prerequisites: +18 years of age, completed Level 1 or equivalent, signed medical statement and liability release form. Although not a prerequisite, it is highly recommended that students complete a CPR and First-Aid course before or directly after this course. EFR or equivalent certifications are suitable.

Introduction to Freediving: This is a one day course that teaches students breathing skills and important theory behind freediving. We learn about equalisation and basics of how your body adapts underwater. The course is split into two sessions. The first session consists of some theory and breathing exercises on land, as well as a static session in the water. The second is a depth session in the open water, which aims to increase students comfort in the water, and give them the chance to dive to ten metres. This a great course for anyone who is interested in learning more about freediving, as well as people who want to try a new hobby. Freediving techniques are closely connected with yoga and the sport often appeals to people looking for an escape from day to day stresses, as well as people looking to challenge themselves and push their limits. Maximum depth: 10 metres £100

Spearfishing Course: This is a one day course that teaches the diver breathing skills and techniques to improve their bottom time in the shallows. Students will also be taught important safety techniques including information about shallow water black outs, why they occur, and how to prevent them. In the morning we learn theory and breathing techniques and do some static apnea. In the afternoon we move into the open water and focus on slowly and comfortably increasing bottom time. This is a great course to improve your safety awareness to minimise the probability of an accident and crucial safety procedures to help if you or you buddy ever has a problem in the water. Perfect if you are interested in getting into spearfishing or even if you have been doing it a long time and you want to learn something new. Maximum Depth: 10 Metres. £100

Surf Freedive Course: This is a 3 hour course that teaches students different techniques to stay relaxed in the water. The students will learn specialised breathing techniques to help lower the heart rate, which will help conserve energy and oxygen if they are ever held down by a big wave. The course consists of a short theory session and breathing exercises on land followed by a session in water where the student will put these techniques into practice. This course will improve confidence and relaxation in the water even with big waves and heavy surf. £60 these courses can be run anytime so email for booking information.

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