Discover Free-diving £100 21st May 2016

This event in association with Freedive Jersey with Free-diving instructor Matt Le Clercq Is a must I think. The benefits are endless, open to all it will be a fun day and it could help you in so many ways such as.
1 Help you to totally relax in and out of the water
2 Imagine being able to dive with out full scuba for a change, getting close up to marine life.

Are you alredy a scuba diver ? then this course may help you with the following.

1 SAC ( Surface Air Consuption Rate ) due to the breathing technics that you will learn.
2 It may improve your air consumption
3 It could improve your bouancy control
4 Help you relax and enjoy your diving as you should be.

£100 very well spent I think, we need a minimum of 4 divers to make it worth Matt’s visit from Jersey ( we must not hold that against him Ha ha ) I am in for sure who is going to join me ??

The event will start @ Donkey Divers HQ meet @ 07:30 for the theory session then off to the pool we go.
It is early start I know but that is due to the ridculous ferry times Condor offer us.Don’t worry we have coffee and tea @ the shop.
So come sign up and let’s enjoy somthing different.

Want to know more? then email me and I will send you a PDF for a £20 deposit.

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