Dive Insurance

As the dive season fast approaches we must remind you that all club members need to have dive insurance,It is not expensive and makes sense. We all hope we never need to use insurance cover of any kind but as we all know if we did need to claim it can save us a lot of money on what could be a very expensive issue. We recommend DAN ( Divers Alert Network ) as it is a non profit making organisation that pumps funds back into dive medical research, for example flying after diving times where reduced to 18hrs  after multiple dives on research done by DAN. We are also DAN Partners so if you quote our PARTNER NUMBER 170818 you will be helping Donkey Divers to purchase safety equipment like O2 kits etc. Once you are have purchased your insurance ( DAN Sport Silver ) http://www.daneurope.org/web/guest/sport-member    <a  you will receive a card to keep on your person so you can show cover when needed. You can also find the link on the Donkey Divers Club page, click on files then DAN insurance. If you would like to join our club then search fb group DONKEY DIVERS CLUB and send a joining request, We post all of our events on this page and any DD news.

We look forward to diving with you in 2016


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